Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thankful Thursday - Fall Weather

Due to a lot of action happening at work this week interviewing for a new employee and getting things cleaned up for our next round of busy season prior to the holidays...I was unable to do my original Thankful Thursday post.  I'll be moving that to next week, but still wanted to share something that I'm extremely thankful for.

Fall Weather!!!!!!!! I absolutely love the Fall and we've been getting lots of teasing waves the past few weeks.  It's in the 40's in the morning and then gets up to the 80's and 90's by the afternoon.  Although, some afternoons get up to the 70's, again, lots of teasing. LOL. However, it looks like the next few days are supposed to be in the 60's and 70's and I'm extremely excited!

I love the Fall for many reasons, these include:

  1. Everything pumpkin - yes I jump on that bandwagon every year!
  2. The beautiful colors of leaves changing
  3. The crisp air on my face while I take a fast walk or jog in the middle of the day or right after work.
  4. The smell that you can only associate as Fall...fresh and woodsy
  5. Halloween - The kids dressing up and trick or treating, the older my kids get I'll be a little sad because I won't be handing out candy any more to see all the fun creations these kids come up with.
  6. Thanksgiving - A wonderful holiday to spend with family catching up and eating delicious meals...oh and watching football.
  7. Speaking of football, football season and tailgates and enjoyable days of basking in the sun without getting over heated.
  8. Comfy sweaters and socks
  9. The enjoyment of a wonderful hot cup of tea on a chilly night
  10. Oh, and lets not forget that it's perfect cuddling weather when you leave the windows open and have to snuggle into the warm sheets.
I could probably keep going, but I think I'll spare you. :-P ;-) :-D

What is your favorite season? Do you love Fall as much as me?? Why???


  1. I have a yummy recipe for pumpkin oatmeal if you're interested....

    1. I am ALWAYS open for new recipes!!!! :-D