Friday, October 23, 2015

Fitness Friday - Wogging

Since the weather is definitely getting nicer in our area, it's been in the 60's & 70's, I thought I'd talk to you about a little something I like to call Wogging. This is where I combine random intervals of fast pace walking with jogging and it's something I've become highly fond of!

I bring it up now because 1) It's much more fun to wog outdoors and 2) It's a good thing to look into if you're not a huge fan of running.

I know some people were just born to be runners, but some of us do not have that type of body, or drive, or passion, or whatever. So when I decided to try to run longer distances, I decided to give wogging a try.

What I typically do is start off with some really good music and a nice warm-up pace walk. Then when the feeling arises, I get myself into a jog.  I'll hold my jogging pace until I feel like I'm ready to give up, and then push just a little longer.  Then I go back down to a fast walk and let my body recover a little.  When the feeling comes back, I pick my jogging back up!  I normally do this for a set distance like two laps around our city park = 2 miles or one large lap around our neighborhood = ~3 miles.

Some accomplishments that I was beginning to notice prior to getting pregnant, it was a lot of fun to push myself a little further during the jogging portions. It was an accomplishment to see my time per mile declining as I jogged for longer distances...and it didn't hurt that I felt fit, strong and active! 

I really feel that if I could have kept that up throughout the whole year that I would have gotten to the point where I wasn't wogging at all and really doing a warm-up with a jog and then a cool-down. So for all of you people out there who don't feel like they are runners, give wogging a try! You might find that the more goals you achieve the more excited you'll get about a good run. :-D

Does anyone else wog? Do you do random intervals like me or do you have set intervals?

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