Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sassy Saturday - Week 20 of Pregnancy

Things have actually been treating me very nicely throughout this pregnancy, a much different experience then I had with my daughter.  I'm not cranky, I have a lot of energy (now that I'm in my 2nd trimester), I've been able to stay active and I haven't had any high blood pressure...which is a big deal and you should check out why HERE.

Since my pregnancy with my daughter was a bit tougher on me, I'm really trying to savor every moment of this pregnancy.  All the fluttery kicks, the growing belly and the extra love my hubby has in his eye whenever he looks at me.  It's all been a true blessing so far and I thank God for that!

Now, not everything is sunshine and roses and I think my biggest struggle has been the gaining weight part.  After 3 years of doing everything I could to NOT gain weight and to LOSE weight, it's really a mind trip when I step on the scale and the number actually increases. I know it's normal and healthy, but that still doesn't make me take a double look and have to do a mind check.

It's also harder because I'm use to learning new exercise resources, or seeing different challenges and just having the opportunity to give them a try...however I can't do that! My body was not previously conditioned for certain things, so I cannot try to push myself to try new things. But, again, I'm happy that I've been able to stay active and actually WANT to stay active. So, I'm going to take what I can get. :-)

This week I:
  • Craved nachos like I hadn't eaten them in a year
  • Drank a TON of water!!! I was flying through my 1 L bottles like they were 6 oz a pop. (That might be a slight exaggeration. :-P, but I wouldn't be surprised if I was drinking almost 3 L every day).
  • Logged 69,985 steps via Fitbit
  • Clocked in 28.39 miles via Fitbit
  • Totaled 13 logged exercises via MapMyFitness plus 2 weight lifting workouts

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