Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sassy Saturday - Week 23 of Pregnancy

Some fun things I've really noticed this week:
  • This baby can predict when I'm getting ready to eat something! I swear, as soon as I start thinking about the delicious food we're cooking or getting ready to pick up s/he starts kicking and getting excited.  I wonder if there is some internal change that triggers this.
  • I can actually SEE the baby kicking from the outside. So it's not a huge prominent bump or something, but when it kicks you can actually see my tummy vibrate in that location. :-D
  • My energy is still going strong and I'm really enjoying that with all the activities I've been trying to do every day.
Some not so fun things I've noticed this week:

  • I'm getting heartburn again, just like Jera! It especially hits me at night when I've sat down to eat...I don't know if I don't get it during breakfast or lunch because I'm typically standing while eating at work, but that's the only key difference I can think of.  It's not much fun at all!
  • I've definitely gotten hit by a round of pregnancy breaking out...right before a business conference.  Not so much fun! Here's to hoping that it clears up in the next couple of days??!!
This week I:
  • Craved salads like crazy! A new favorite...Caser Salad with Salmon.  The interesting thing about this is that I'm not even a huge salmon fan.
  • Kept up on my water consumption with no problem!
  • Craved tea instead of coffee...even when the coffee is smelling delicious I can't seem to drink more than two sips full.  Give me a cup of hot tea and I want MORE!
  • Logged 79,891 steps via Fitbit
  • Clocked in 31.78 miles via Fitbit
  • Totaled 7 workouts on MapMyFitness plus 1 weight lifting sessions
Please pray for me this next week in the exercise/staying active department!!
  • I will be at a conference starting tomorrow morning, Sunday, and going through Wednesday evening.  I actually get home at 10:00 pm Wednesday night. 
  • Thursday I will be heading to a 1/2 day meeting that is two hours my 8 hour day will be 2 hours driving there, 4 hours in a meeting and 2 hours driving home. 
  • THEN on Friday, my family is heading to my husbands family. We are very excited to see them, but it's the 4-5 hour drive that I'm dreading after so much traveling the 5 days before. We head there Friday and then drive back Sunday....
Lots of action, but looking forward to the challenge!

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