Tuesday, October 13, 2015

imprompTuesday - Fitness Bucket List

One of the challenges from the Fit Bottomed Girls for September was to create your fitness bucket list. They had some really good examples that really got my creative, and adventurous, juices flowing!

Today I wanted to share my Fitness bucket list with all of you and challenge you to create one of your own. :-D

Basically all of these are going to have to wait until after this pregnancy is over and I've been able to increase my fitness level. But there are things that I'm working on now to start getting me prepared for training post-partum. For example, I'm working on my stretching to increase my flexibility for splits.  I'm working on various arm movements/modifications to work on my arm strength for push-ups...etc.
What about you?? Do you have a fitness bucket list? Do you have a bucket list in general? If not, I'd highly encourage you to do one, if not both, of the lists!! Also share with me some of your goals on either lists, I'd love to be inspired to add more to my own. :-D

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