Monday, October 19, 2015

Sum Up Sunday #3

This was a fun week for the Fit Bottomed Girls October 11 - 17 challenge. However, I will be honest and let you know that I wasn't able to complete all of them due to the fact that we are having some intense interviews at our office for another sales associate, another me, and that took up the majority of my focus, time and energy Wednesday - Friday.

Here is what I did complete this past week and what they have in store for us the week of the 18 - 24!!

Oct 11: Unplug for Two this one wasn't hard in one aspect, but very hard in another. I have no problems unplugging for a couple of hours from the phone, TV or anything electronic...however, it's extremely hard to just take two hours to focus on myself.  But I did have a good 4 hours of no electronics where I got to chit chat with my husband and that was fun!

Oct 12: I did not participate in the foodie facial, but the did look like fun and some things that I'll definitely need to try in the future...when I have the ingredients at hand.

Oct 13: I love this idea and challenge everyone to do it! I have not written my note yet, but I have a few special ladies in mind that I'm planning to write notes to. :-D

Oct 14: This is another one of those exercises that I'm going to have to file away for future use AFTER the baby.  This bump is not doing jumping lunges, bicycles or mountain climbers. :-P

Oct 15: I didn't even read this challenge until today. :-/ Definitely something I need to take a few minutes on!

Oct 16: The one challenge I went all in on!!! I did this again only it was for the 10 minutes. O_o I got through 147 modified pregnancy burpees...and surprisingly I wasn't nearly as sore as I was the first week I did this for 5 minutes!!

Oct 17: Still one of the easiest, for me, challenge days and most enjoyable! Who wouldn't want to throw on some of their favorite hits and just dance around??!!

Coming up this next week:

Head HERE to see this weeks challenge descriptions!

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