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My name is Deanna Perkins and I'm a proud mother of a beautiful daughter and a handsome son. I have an amazing husband who is a huge supporter to me in every aspect of my life.  I am also a career woman who works as a full time sales individual for an amazing consulting company.

My journey has had a lot of ups and downs, like many others, but over the last 4 years I've really found some consistency in better eating habits as well as sticking to a good physical routine.  Before I get to far in the now, I'd like to share more of my lifestyle journey so you can get to know me a little better.

Prior to getting pregnant with my daughter in 2012 I had just made myself face the fact that I'd let my health get out of control. I'd hit the highest weight of my life at 187 lbs (I'm 5'4") and was relying on one pair of jeans and yoga pants as my wardrobe. I started making small steps towards getting healthier, but got side swiped when I found out I was pregnant.

My pregnancy was not easy on me; I had high blood pressure the entire time (which I'd suffered from prior to being pregnant), was extremely emotional, suffered from extreme morning sickness the entire first trimester, got diagnosed with gestational diabetes and had postpartum depression. I, again, started making small steps towards my health journey by controlling what I ate and starting to go for small walks with my husband.

As soon as my daughter was born I made the decision to continue making a lifestyle change for me and my family. I started working out on a daily basis and counting calories like a mad woman. By April of 2013 (7 months postpartum) I'd hit 153 lbs. My goal was in sight...wanting to be between 145-150. I felt great and liked the results I could see in the mirror, at the gym and in my life.

Then I got on the deposhot for birth control and the weight just piled on.  While it was supposed to be so helpful of only having to get a shot every 3 months, it really affected my hormones.  No matter what I did diet wise or what I did exercise wise, the weight would not go away!  It made it very easy to let myself slip here and there and not fully dedicate myself to being healthier.  If you're putting in the work, but not seeing any results it is very discouraging.

The corner finally turned in the positive way when I had my son in Feb 2016.  Having him and being off the depo for about two years total finally reset my hormones and got me back on track.  We started making some major changes in our diet and I got back into a regular exercise routine.  My exercise routine includes elements of cardio and weight training.  My pre-pregnancy weight was 174 lbs and now I'm sitting between 147 and 149.

I'm very happy with where I've come and know that our family will continue making tweaks to continue improving our lifestyle habits by habit.
My ultimate goal in life is to utilize my own journey of coming to a healthier and happier lifestyle to inspire others to do the same. I am a normal, everyday woman with two kids, a husband and a fulltime job.  I don't get paid to share my health journey, I don't advertise any supplements or other "miracle" methods of weight loss.  I am all about choosing eating and physical activity habits that you will be able to stick with for the long-term. I do want to become a personal trainer and work with individuals one-on-one to find the right balance of eating healthy and being more active that is realistic with their life circumstances. I don't want to just focus on the exercise/training, I really want to focus on what they put into their bodies and how to deal with the emotional aspect that have contributed to their set back/s to begin with.

Have questions, suggestions or other inquiries for me? Please contact me at delightinlifestyleprogression@gmail.com

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