Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sum up Sunday #1

Work Challenge Update:

At my office we try to do quarterly health challenges to keep people active, if they want to participate. Our Q4 challenge just started up and it's our "Maintain Campaign". Everyone who wants to participate can choose to maintain their current weight or lose weight from now through January 8th.

Everyone puts money into the pot and at the end the person who loses the highest % of their body weight gets 1/2 of the pot and anyone who actually maintains their weight gets put into a random drawing, whoever is chosen gets the other 1/2...

This year, since I'm the lead enthusiast of these events, I wanted to participate but couldn't maintain OR we created a "or be Pregnant" category. I got to chose the % weight gain that I need to stay under and as long as I stay under that %, I will be placed into the random maintain drawing as well. :-)

We had our initial weigh-in on Friday, and I'll keep you updated with my % gains each week.

This week not only started our newest challenge at work, but it also ended the September Challenge from the lovely ladies at Fit Bottomed Girls AND started their October challenge.

Here is my wrap up from September 27 - October 3:

This past week was a lot of fun between finishing up the last part of September and starting into October.  This was officially my first month of participating in the Fit Bottomed Girls monthly challenge, and I'm very glad I did.

This weeks highlights:
  • These ladies are starting to get me excited for post-pregnancy burpees (right now I do a modified version for pregnant women) - September highlighted burpees...and October is as well!!!
  • I rewarded myself by doing my nails:

  • I struggled with October 1st's challenge
  • I did 74 of modified burpees in 5 minutes on Friday! (My arms are definitely feeling it TWO DAYS LATER! LOL)

Now check out what the ladies have in store for us in October:

(Click on the link above to head over to their website and see what is in store starting today for the week of Oct 4 - 10)

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