Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thankful Thursday - My Daughter

There is always something to be Thankful for and today I'm sharing with you 11 reasons why I'm thankful for my beautiful, goofy, sensitive, independent and just overall wonderful daughter, Jera.

  1. She has made me become a more patient person.
  2. She brings a smile to my face every day.
  3. She is the perfect mix of my husband and I bother in her features and personality.
  4. Her personality keeps us on our toes on a daily she going to be a princess today or a princess ninja turtle? Is she going to be giggly all night or throw mini tantrums here and there?
  5. I love her imagination and how she stays in character...if she say's she's Elsa then I'm Anna and Tony is Sven (yeah, we aren't sure why he's a reindeer) then we have to talk to each other using those names. If you accidently say Jera, she will say "Noooooo, I'm Elsa and you're Anna!!".
  6. She continually pushes me to be a better person, even if she's not actually doing any of the pushing. :-P
  7. She constantly amazes me with the different things she learns every day and what she retains.
  8. I love how she starts taking on sayings and inflections that my husband and I use as well as her daycare teachers. (We're constantly trying to figure out where she got a saying from!)
  9. She enjoys movies you wouldn't think a newly 3 yo would enjoy...Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, 9, and Betelgeuse.
  10. She is very independent, which has it's ups and downs, but it's nice that she can get herself dressed while I'm trying to pack lunch and get things going if we're running late.
  11. She enjoys all kinds of music and is even starting to learn several's adorable to see and hear her singing along with various songs and requesting her favorites. One of these days we are going to get a recording of this and we will be sharing it with all of you!! "Shut up and dance with me!" or "Now that's my kinda night."
I know there are several more reasons why I love my daughter, but thought I should stick with 11 for today's sharing!!


What is one thing you are Thankful for today?

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