Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sum up Sunday #2

Q4 Health Challenge at Work:

This was our first week of the Maintain Campaign and I have officially increase .68% of my body weight so far. Obviously, that is still under where I'm shooting for, but we have 13 weeks left and three major holidays that tend to revolve around food.

Now for the Fit Bottomed Girls challenge week of October 4 - 10, here is what went down:

  • Oct 4: We did get out for a 20 minute walk...but this time of year, we tend to do a much better job about getting outside.  It wasn't until Monday that I could really have a walk by myself to really just enjoy my own thoughts and the chilliness of the air.
  • Oct 5: I missed this day...oops!
  • Oct 6: I love their get inspired should check out these quotes:
  • Oct 7: I am still planning to stash this workout away for post-pregnancy completing!!
  • Oct 8: This was still a good reminder that I need to meditate more...this one is so easy and really brings peace to your mind. :-)
  • Oct 9: I did the modified burpees for another 5 minutes and hit 76...that's only 2 more than last time. I am a bit confused because last time I definitely was NOT pushing myself as hard and I'm afraid I accidentally miscounted. Of course, Tony was talking to me and trying to be a good listener while counting is a bit difficult, this time I didn't have that. 

  • Oct 10: I REALLY love this day!! Our family is big into dancing.  We dance making dinner, doing the dishes and other house chores and just because we can. :-D
Check out what's in store for us next week, and don't forget to follow the link on Monday to see the daily challenges in more detail!!


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