Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sassy Sunday - Week 21 of Pregnancy

This week we had our 20 week appointment and had the opportunity to discover what we're having!! We are very excited, but decided to try something different this pregnancy and not tell anyone else until our baby shower. We figured this would give our families a fun surprise and ensure that we get a lot of unisex items at the beginning.

I guess I have two reasons for wanting to do this: 1) After having a girl the first time we know that people will automatically gravitate towards buying a bunch of pink stuff for a girl and a bunch of blue stuff for a boy and we like to be different and steer away from those typical steryotypes.  (Now I'm not saying we don't dress our daughter in pink, but we like the variety of dressing her in green, blue, purple, yellow, brown, etc...). 2) This will also... help us having more items for baby #3 depending on what we have.  If we are expecting a girl right now and then have a boy for baby #3 we'll have unisex stuff to pass down.  If we are expecting a boy right now, we already decided that we'd go through and purge a lot of Jera's old baby clothes that we've if baby #3 is a girl then we'll have more clothes to utilize when she's first born.  See...we are thinking strategically here. :-P ;-)

I started gaining some weight and seem to have gone back to not having gained any weight. I did start out at ~30 lbs overweight, but I'm still a little shocked that I haven't really gained anything.  My doctor is not worried about it, so I'm not going to be worried about it. I was blessed that after having Jera I had lost a bunch of weight and was very close to my goal maybe that's just typical for my pregnancies and for that I can't complain. (I think it's because I'm more conscious about what I'm eating and tend to become more active.)

This week I (Saturday - Friday):
  • Craved salads...I had chicken salads, chili salads, turkey salads...basically anything we made I wanted to just put it on a bead of lettuce and call it delicious!!
  • Drank more pop than I typically do...this baby has been craving some Diet Dr. Peppers. :-( I need to watch this though since days I drink more pop I tend to drink less water...
  • Logged 66,209 steps on Fitbit
  • Clocked in 27.57 miles on Fitbit
  • Totaled 11 workouts on MapMyFitness plus 2 weight lifting sessions!

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