Tuesday, October 6, 2015

imprompTuesday - Home Gym Clean-up

September 17th of the challenge put on by Fit Bottomed Girls was to do one of my fitness bucket list items. However, all of my bucket list items will not be able to be completed until after this pregnancy is over...and take some preparation.

Now one project that we've been putting off for awhile is getting our home gym back up and running. Basically since about April/May it's been completely cluttered up and continually used as a catch all for things we didn't want in our house. This has really been bugging me, and now that we're going into Fall/Winter I really wanted it set-up.

So my husband and I spent about 3 solid hours of team work and got our gym back up and running and I wanted to share the results with everyone!

Click below to see the amazing pictures!!

(The only two things we're still wanting to do, as a nice to have, is to put foam mats on the floor between the TV and exercise equipment and get our TV and Xbox all connected and working.)

Now that's an accomplishment I'm proud of and ready to showcase!!! :-D 

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