Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Weigh-in Wednesday - Workout Apparel and Mindset

Hello Everyone!

This week I wanted to visit a topic that I had a different opinion on towards the start of my healthy lifestyle journey then I do now. The topic is, does your workout apparel affect your mindset when being active?

When I first started my healthy lifestyle journey I would wear a t-shirt and some yoga pants.  It wasn't anything special, but I'd always thought, "Why buy anything special to workout in when you're just going to get sweaty?" I couldn't understand why people would want to spend extra money on a ton of outfits for the sole purpose of working out.

Well today, I definitely have a different opinion on this...


I finally get why so many people invest in exercise clothes and lots of them for that matter.  It's fun and motivating to be in outfits that make me feel strong, fit, cute and sexy. I get excited to pick out my outfit and!
In the past, the frumpy outfit really helped to emphasize the fact that I wasn't that excited about working out.  Working out was all about something I HAD to do, not something I WANTED to do.  When I finally started pushing myself to get some exercises specific outfits, my mindset really started to shift.  Every girl wants to feel cute, and I can guarantee that if you invest in at least a couple outfits that are only used for working out it will help to motivate you in the gym, or wherever you are doing your activity!
I also highly suggest that you only utilize these outfits for working out.  Do not let these become your weekend lounge outfits that you throw on to be lazy.  Again, this all plays into your mindset.  If they start becoming your comfy clothes, when you put them on your mindset will be on wanting to veg out and not on working up a sweat.
This advice also goes for the guys out there!  Guys need to have outfits that are motivating to them as well.  From the feeling of showing off those muscles, lookin' good and feeling like it's helping to really emphasize your workout routine, you need to find outfits that get you excited/pumped to go to the gym. Whether it is a Rocky Balboa sweat suit or a pair of jersey shorts and sweat wicking shirt, if you have specific clothes that you only utilize for working out it helps to also get you in that mindset.  It starts to become part of your ritual.
So ladies and gentlemen, please go out and invest in some workout-specific clothing and get your sweat on. I promise, it will have such a positive effect on you in the long run!
What are your thoughts? Do you agree, disagree?

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