Friday, May 19, 2017

Fitness Friday - My Step Routine

Hello All,

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was going to share my personal step routine with all of you, but then I didn't.  I finally got a recording of myself to share with you.  This is what I do on a regular basis and some variations that I'll add in to just help keep it entertaining and help to keep my body guessing what I'm throwing at it.

This really does get my heart pumping and the sweat dripping!  I hope you enjoy and take something away from it.

Some background on this routine.  I wanted to give something new a try winter of 2013 so my husband and I were perusing the fitness section at Target and came across their step platform.  It was only $20 so we decided to invest in it. It was AMAZING! I came up with my own steps and combinations that helped to push me to a new level of my cardio fitness and still does to this day! This is my primary source of cardio and I improve my outdoor runs not by running, but by challenging myself to go longer and harder on this thing!

I truly hope this helps to inspire others to give step outside their comfort zone and try something they may have never thought about or have avoided!

As I pointed out, you don't have to invest a lot of money in a fancy step to make this work.  Here is a link to Amazon to see "step platforms" that they have available.  The only advice I'll give in this area is to buy one that has the ability to adjust the height.  Once your body acclimates to the lowest height, you'll want to have that ability to increase the height to increase the intensity!

What do you think about this routine? Do you do any types of step routines? If so, are there any moves that you'd recommend I give a try?

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