Tuesday, May 16, 2017

imprompTuesday - My Fitspiration

Hello Friends!

Everyone typically has something that helps to inspire them and helps to keep them motivated.  Something that helps them push towards their goals.  This can be a person, an outfit, a sport, a specific goal, a quote, etc...really it could be anything for anyone.

Well today I wanted to share my fitspiration.  The thing that has seemed to motivate me like nothing else. The thing that, frankly, I've become a bit obsessed with and I'm not even ashamed about it!

It's all about Crossfit for me these days.  I honestly, and a bit embarrassingly, haven't started trying Crossfit myself.  However, I can't seem to get enough of it.  I completely nerd out by watching all the documentaries multiple times, I follow several of the elite athletes on Instagram, I follow Crossfit on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Tony (my husband) and I will watch past Crossfit recordings on YouTube from the 2016 games while we work out as motivation to push yourselves harder in our workouts. 

Tony's fitspiration is really martial arts, but he kindly lets me nerd out about Crossfit and even has started nerding out with me. :-P

I've come to know the athletes like people memorize their favorite sports teams.  While I don't have any athletes that I'm not a fan of, I do have one Crossfit athlete that I tend to lean more towards then the others and that is Samantha Briggs.  She is 35 and is competing in the Crossfit games along size all these 20-something year olds.  As a 30, almost 31, year old myself, she truly inspires me to continue pushing myself knowing that my prime wasn't in my 20's...it's still ahead of me.

Tony and I haven't had a real vacation, just the two of us, since our honeymoon in 2014! So we have decided that we are saving our money to go to the Crossfit Games in 2018.  We are going to nerd out and go for the full week and watch all the events and then just enjoy Wisconsin. The more I think about it, the more pumped I get.

So yes, my current Fitspiration is Crossfit and I'm so excited that I've found something that really motivates me to keep pushing myself.  I will start delving into Crossfit more in the coming weeks and am excited for this new journey in my healthy lifestyle journey.

So tell me, what inspires you?  What do you consider your fitspiration?

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