Tuesday, November 17, 2015

imprompTuesday - Baby Shower/Gendar Reveal Party

We had a wonderful time this past Saturday at our Baby Shower/Gender Reveal party. It was coordinated by my lovely Sister Sarah and my Sister-in-Law Jenni helped with the preparations.

They did an awesome job coming up with games and food AND my sister even made the cake!!! Yeah, she pretty much rocks. :-D

Our theme was, "What will it bee?" and they had all the items that matched the yellow and gray theme. Lot's of fun!

Check out some pictures from the shower and what Baby Perkins 2.0 is going to be inside:

The beautiful cake/dessert table
My Sister Sarah, my Sister-in-Law Jenni, my Nephews Cooper and Owen and my daughter Jera.
Tony and I...I'm in purple representing the ladies and Tony is in green (you can't tell from this picture) representing the fellas.
Basically we decided to utilize our wedding colors to represent whether the baby was a boy or a girl. Purple has always been my color and Green has always been Tony's (see picture below). If we cut into the cake and the center was green, then it's a boy and if we cut into the cake and the center was purple then it was a girl. **Drum Roll Please**
It's a BOY!!!! Yep, Tony and I will be welcoming our first son in February. :-D We are very excited and nervous at the same time. We are so use to having a girl now that it's hard to imagine having a boy running around. LOL. But we are definitely up for the challenge...now we just have to convince Jera that it will be ok that she's going to have a little brother!

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