Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Weigh-in Wednesday - High Blood Pressure

This is my own personal account with High Blood Pressure and how I beat it!

I personally, for as long as I can remember, have had high blood pressure. Even when I was in high school, on a dance team at 123 lbs, I had high blood pressure because 1) it's in my genes and 2) I was still eating terribly!! (medium pizzas, big macs, fast food on a daily basis, large amounts of food because I was "young" and "could do whatever I wanted") 

As time went on in my life, I got heavier and more unhealthy. Every time I went into the doctor, I knew that I was going to have them discuss my blood pressure and how I needed to get it in check. No matter how much my doctors would talk with me about this, I never paid them much attention. To me I was still young and could eventually change my ways when I absolutely needed to.

Heading into my pregnancy with my daughter, I was having more high blood pressure issues and I was put on medication. I honestly think this was the smack in the head I needed to finally change my habits. I started walking with my husband during my pregnancy and really watching and logging what I was eating.

Once my daughter was born I kept up the activity and started increasing it and branching out to alternative forms of cardio including jogging, biking, stepping and multiple exercise DVD's. I also kept up watching what I was eating and making sure that I watched my portions and stopped eating out as much.

I have never had a high blood pressure reading since I've had my daughter, it's been 3 years now AND I'm pregnant again.  Now, I still get nervous Every. Single. Time. I go to the doctor,and even with my nerves being elevated, my blood pressure is normal!!!

The only thing I can account for my blood pressure being put into check is my lifestyle changes of staying consistently active and really thinking about what I'm eating on a daily basis. It's amazing how many health problems are floating around these days that can actually be put into check, or even cured, by changing your lifestyle.

Do any of you have any health issues you're suffering from now? How about any that you use to suffer from that have now been put into check due to your lifestyle changes?? What changes did you make?

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