Tuesday, September 29, 2015

imprompTuesday - The Reason Behind the Name

Today I wanted to share with you how I came up with my blog name and what it means to me.

First off, my full name is Deanna Lynn Perkins and I thought it would be clever to utilize my initials in a blog name. Then I had to think of something catchy that would really capture the theme of my blog...health, food and fitness. I think it took me an entire day to come up with this name, but I finally decided on:


Delight: This means a strong feeling of happiness or a great pleasure or satisfaction. I felt that this was perfect because the more focus you place on bettering yourself overall, the more happiness you should feel and the more satisfaction you will get out of life. Plus it's just a fun thing to say...Delight!

Lifestyle: A way in which a person or group lives. I have really come to enjoy the use of lifestyle when it comes to healthy changes that anyone makes in their lives. Diets need to be kicked to the curb! I'm a firm believer that if you make healthy lifestyle changes, meaning things you're going to do for life, you will have better and more long term results. Any time I've ever gone on a diet, or I've seen friends and family go on diets, they lose weight...and as soon as they are tired of that diet they fall off the wagon and gain it all back + some. When you're thinking about making your life better and focusing on eating and activity changes, you need to think about them as LIFESTYLE changes and adjustments.

Progression: A movement or development toward a destination or a more advanced state, especially gradually or in stages. No matter how healthy and active you become, you are constantly going to be making gradual changes and adjustments towards the better lifestyle you are wanting to live. It's daily progress and lifelong progression!

So there you have it, I personally want to delight in the lifestyle progression that I make on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis! Progress that I make towards promoting a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family. 

I hope that this will also encourage others to work on their own healthy lifestyle progression and even adjust their thinking when it comes to the ways in which they want to become healthier and more active.

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