Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sassy Saturday - Our Birth Story

For today's Sassy Saturday (the place I'd previously been bringing you pregnancy updates) I wanted to share with everyone our amazing birth story. Now you're not going to find any gory details about the delivery process, but you will hear how our amazing pre-valentine's baby came to make his appearance so very unexpectedly.

We had scheduled our induction for Tuesday, February 16th and our actual due date was the 20th...we had some issues with our doctor and I'm pretty sure she just wanted to have some control over this pregnancy with all the push back we gave her. My last day of work was on Friday, February 12th and  I figured that would give me one work day off to get all last minute preparations taken care of before our baby boy was brought into this world.

Little did I know...

On Saturday, February 13th I had put a fun plan in place to treat my hubby to some awesome pre-valentine's day activities.  I asked my parents to watch our daughter and didn't tell my husband any of the plans I had in mind, he was just along for the ride.

Our first stop was breakfast at a local eatery, Early Edition, followed by pedicures! My husband has never had a pedicure or manicure before...we give each other feet rubs all the time, but he's never had a professional mani/pedi. (Guys, you should really give these a try...more fellas are giving them a shot these-a-days and are truly enjoying them!)

I was having mild contractions, but I honestly thought they were Braxton Hicks contractions due to not drinking enough water, or over exerting myself between wrapping things up at work and trying to do so much in one day. We really enjoyed the experience, but when they laid our chairs back to an even more reclined position my contractions felt more intense. Again, not intense enough to have red flags start flying...just a little more uncomfortable and I thought it was because I had increased pressure from the baby on my back.

After our Pedi's & Mani's I took him for a surprise lunch to a local sushi bar, Green Tea, and it was very delicious! We'd never been before, but we both enjoy sushi so I thought adding another first to our list would be a fun memory.

We picked our daughter back up and headed home to eat dinner and hang out for the rest of our weekend.  We turned on Mulan 2 (which is only significant because when I was in labor with my daughter we were watching the first Mulan, crazy right?!?).  My contractions seemed very consistent and I even had my mucus plug drop during one of my bathroom trips. At 5:11 pm I decided to start timing my contractions because they had been happening consistently, even thought I was trying to ignore them, and here's what we found:
After a couple calls to my parents, a call to the hospital and frantically throwing stuff in some overnight bags we dropped our daughter back off with my parents and high tailed it to the hospital. We got checked in and set-up at 7:00 pm starting at a 3-4 dialation with the baby still being pretty high and we were in good spirits:

Around 8:00 my nurse checked me again and I was still at a 3-4 but he had dropped lower so we decided to keep having me labor on the ball. Right around 8:30 I was feeling more pain/pressure so she checked me and I was at a 5...our plan was that once I hit 5-6, we'd have the epidural. So our nurse called the on-call anesthesiologist and I laid in bed thinking she'd be there in 10-15 minutes...however I watched the time slowly tick by with no word from the epidural lady while my contractions kept getting more and more intense.
Right around 8:50 the anesthesiologist was still NO WHERE in sight and my contractions were out of control.  I felt like I needed to push, so we called our nurse back in.  When she checked me this time I was at an 8-9 and she started jumping into action, which included calling the on-call doctor...who was still at home. Eek!!
At this point in time, there was no stopping my body from doing what it naturally needed to do. The nurse kept telling me not to push so I was really trying NOT to push, but my body was doing it anyways. Without a doctor, without an epidural, without a pediatric nurse AND without being induced Avery Perkins was born at 8:59 pm on the 13th of February, literally 5 minutes after the nurse had called the doctor and the pediatric nurse to let them know where my progress was very crazy!!


My husband and I have so many things to feel blessed about with this whole experience and so many take a-ways to remember and share with our friends and family in the future, but my biggest blessing (aside from a very healthy son) was the fact that I was able to go into labor naturally and not be induced. This is a huge blessing for me because when I first got pregnant I had said that my biggest goal/wish for this pregnancy was to not be induced and to have the baby when my baby and body were actually ready.  I was very sad when our doctor decided to schedule us for an induction (4 days before our due date) for her own personal reasons. However, God is good and blessed us with a natural labor and delivery and I couldn't have asked for a better experience personally!


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